Cathrine Trønnes Lie: Søstre

04-04-2022 10:30 pm

Today I posted on my official facebook account, TV2 interview with Cathrine Trønnes Lie. Cathrine's youngest sister Victoria is one of my oldest and closest childhood friends.

On July 22nd 2011, Cathrine and her younger sister Elisabeth attended the Labour Party Youth Camp on Utøya just like my older sister Sharidyn. As devastating as our family's story is after losing my big sister Sharidyn, Cathrine's story is unfortunately just as heartbreaking as ours if not more. 

I choose to write about my friends who are also siblings of the July 22 victims of Utøya-massacre like Cathrine and Lars Emil, because they are a beautiful reminder of how we all have moved forward into the future while carrying the memory of our siblings with us.