The Kingdom of Norway

Norway is a Nordic country in northern Europe, and has a population of 5.3 million people (2018). The indigenous people of Norway are the Sami. Norway has two official languages: Norwegian and Sami.

The Prime Minister of Norway is: Erna Solberg (Since 2013)

Monarch of Norway: King Harald V (Since 1991)

The former Prime Minister was: Jens Stoltenberg (2005-2013)

Prime Minster of Norway, Erna Solberg (2020) Photo credit: Thomas Haugersveen, Prime Ministers Office

His Majesty King Harald V of Norway (2010) Photo credit: Sølve Sundsbø, Det kongelige hoff

Together with the former Prime Minister of Norway and Secretary-General of Nato, Mr Jens Stoltenberg. Every year Jens commemorates 22nd July in Oslo and on Utøya (2018). Photo Credit: O.R Bøhn

Together with the Prime Minister of Norway, Mrs Erna Solberg (2017). Photo Credit: O.R Bøhn

Velkommen - Welcome to Norway

Iconic Norway by Natural Light Earth

Map of Norway. Photo Credit:

Flag of Norway. Photo Credit: Wikipedia