New Zealand - Aotearoa

New Zealand otherwise known to the Māori as Aotearoa, is an island nation located in the South Pacific, and is comprised of two main islands - the North Island and the South Island. The population of New Zealand is per March 2019: 4,948,760 people. The majority of the population is predominately of European descent, while Māori are the largest minority followed by Asian and Pacific Islanders. New Zealand has three main languages: English, Māori and NZ sign language.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand is: Ms Jacinda Ardern (Since 2017)

Monarch of New Zealand: Queen Elisabeth II (Since 1953)

My mum, Vanessa and big sister, Sharidyn were both born in New Zealand. New Zealand is one of my favourite countries in the world.

Our 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand, Ms Jacinda Ardern (2017) Photo Credit: Unknown

Queen Elisabeth II (2015) Photo Credit: Joel Rouse/Ministry of Defence Derivative: nagualdesign

Kia Ora - Welcome to New Zealand

Video Credit: 100% Pure New Zealand/Youtube

New Zealand's National Anthem

(1st verse in Māori)

E Ihoa Atua,

O nga Iwi! Matoura,

Ata whakarongona;

Me aroha roa.

Kia hua ko te pai;

Kia tau to atawhai;

Manaakitia mai



God of nations at thy feet

In the bonds of love we meet.

Hear our voices, we entreat,

God defend our free land.

Guard Pacific's triple star

From the shafts of strife and war,

Make her praises heard afar,

God defend New Zealand

New Zealand's National Anthem: God Defend New Zealand

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New Zealand Flag (Adopted 1902) Photo Credit: Unknown

Map of New Zealand (2019) Photo Credit: Worldatlas

Where is New Zealand in the World (2019) Photo Credit: New Zealand Tourism