Poem: Bang, Bang (2018)

My beautiful sister, Sharidyn (2010) Photo credit: V.Svebakk

Sharidyns headstone (2012) Photo credit: V. Svebakk

07-10-2018 10:28 pm

This poem was my year 9 English assignment which I handed in the day after I wrote it (8-10-2018). I wrote this poem after I watched the new 22 July Netflix movie that will be released on the 10th October. You can read my thoughts about the movie here.

Bang, bang

A child

A mother

A father


Camp of "different minds" in the middle of a fjord

Words against guns - is it not like a mighty sword?

Children, young and innocent - daring to dream

Singing, laughter, a universal theme


Bang, bang





Hunted like prey, on a cold summer day

Trees and bushes, there was nowhere to stay

Chaos and confusion, sliding down a rugged slope

Paralysed with fear, and no life skills to cope


Bang, bang





Be quiet as a mouse they whispered, as she hysterically cried

Fourteen years of living, how she so desperately tried

No police, no doctors, no help in sight

Slaughtered like cattle, no one to fight


Bang, bang



New Zealand


You are not welcome here alien, go home

A traitor cross-breed, golden skin-toned

A violent message of hate, blood engrained on every rock

77 was just not enough, his plan was to irradicate the flock


Bang, bang





Waiting and praying, until there was a knock at the door

No birthdays, no christmas, no wedding day to be sure

No song, no laughter, no joy to see

In a grave 6 feet under, 5 minutes from me


Our mind knows no boundries, where nightmares take shape

A place where no key exists, there is no escape

Pain and sorrow, day and night

Memories of happiness, dimmer in the light I


It's been 7 years, so people say

But we remember, as if it happened yesterday

The future without you seems so long

But songbird will forever and always, be our song.

Picture illustration of my poem "Bang, Bang" (2018) Photo credit: S.Svebakk-Bøhn

Poem: I am (2018)

06-08-2018 8:31 am


This is my "empowerment poem"  that I wrote in 2018.


I am black,

I am brown

I am white,

I am pink

I am yellow,

I am gray

Does my colour repulse you?


I am a girl,

I am a boy

I am a women,

I am a man,

I am a female,

I am a male,

Does my sex disgust you?


I am God,

I am Buddha,

I am Allah,

I am Jehovah,

I am Brahma,

I am Kami,

Does my religion anger you?


I am my thoughts,

I am my dreams,

I am my voice,

I am my words,

I am my opinion,

I am my speech,

Does what I say irritate you?


You are a racist.

You are hateful.

You are a bigot.

You are prejudice.

You are a fascist.

You are intolerant.


You are the present.

You are the past.

I am freedom,

I am choice,

I am democracy,

I am the future.

I am.


Photo Illustration (2018) Photo Credit: Unknown

Dikt: Ord kan såre (2018)

11-03-2018 9:06 pm


Dette dikt var endel av min 8. trinns norsk lekse om mobbing hvor vi måtte lage eget dikt.


Hvorfor sårer du meg?

Vet du at ord kan såre?

Ord kan løfte meg opp til tretoppene

Ord kan trykke meg ned til røttene


Ord kan inspirere meg som ny utspringede blader om våren

Ord kan forsvare meg

Ord kan beskytte meg som trær gir ly

Ord kan elske meg


Ord skal ikke forakte meg som stikkende torner

Ord skal ikke hate meg

Ord skal ikke angripe meg som greiner i vinden

Ord kan gjøre vondt


Man glemmer aldri det stygge som blir sagt

Og heller ikke den som sier det

Har du ikke noe fint å si til meg

La vær å si det

Ord skal ikke såre



Bilde Illustrasjon (2018) Kilde: Ukjent